20+ Incredible PVC Projects for Your Homestead

By | March 2, 2020

Do you have some PVC pipes lying around unused? Rather than letting your space or storage room messy with these unused pipes, you can utilize it into excellent home project materials. PVC for home decor is really affordable if you compared to other material such as metal or treated wood. Additionally, it is also versatile and can be easily turned into furniture or decorations for your home.

Due to the various size and thickness available, it adds to the flexibility on how you can utilize this material. The most common usage is usually for cellular greenhouse. The various size of diameters and the easy installation makes PVC perfect for a frame of your mini greenhouse tent, for the potting platform, frame for curtain, fence, and many more. The only limit of how you can utilize PVC is your imagination, but that too is easily solved since you can find inspiration anywhere.

Before you start using PVC for home décor, note that this material is not meant to be painted. A lot of paint do not coat the PVC well, and the paint will end up peeled off after it dries. Therefore, if you insist on put some coat on top of your PVC, make sure to test it first in a small area. When you are sure that the paint adheres well, then you can continue your project.

Although painting this material seems to be impossible, it doesn’t mean that it will not fit the overall look of your room or garden theme. Pick white colored PVC for easier use since it will easily match other furniture and theme. White PVC can be a great alternative because it looks more neutral and pretty for various DIY projects.

Another thing to note is the specific tools for cutting the PVC. Although hand saw is the common tool used to cut PVC, it doesn’t deliver even and straight results, in fact sometimes it can be messy. In general, any type of saw can cut through PVC pipe, but for a better result, use hacksaw instead.

PVC is not only great for plumbing purpose, but its versatility and durability is also great for other purposes as well. If you are into DIY projects, try utilizing this material to enhance your home decor.

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