30+ Awesome Stone and Brick Exterior Home Design

By | March 10, 2020

Everyone wants a nice and beautiful looking house, but not many people know how to achieve it. Adding exterior decoration for your house will improve the overall look of your house. One of the tricks is by utilizing stone and brick for your house exterior. However, there are many things to consider before you start installing this material.

Stone and brick are known for their durability. However, different type and materials possess a different method of maintenance too. Some will require a lot of effort to keep it intact and look polished, while others don’t require as much maintenance. But don’t worry, stones are generally sturdier compared to other materials commonly used in home construction.

A lot of home construction project use manufactured stone which usually less expensive than the natural stone. The stone will not be installed on its own but added to a woodworking material using wire mesh material. Another method commonly used is installing them as an addition to masonry materials.—for example, layering the current material with an additional mortar layer.

Natural stones are generally stronger and even sturdier. However, this type of stone is not factory produced, and usually a lot heavier. Due to the heavier weight, it certainly increases the shipping cost, and in turn, will lead to the increased general cost. These are some of the reasons why natural stone tends to be a lot more expensive. However, you do get a more natural and classic look with this type of stone.

Brick and stone have the capability to make your home exterior looks more fabulous due to its striking texture and appearance. While it can give your home a beautiful appearance, you need to place it strategically so that it doesn’t look too overwhelming or ostentatious. For a softer look, opt for a more even, flat, and nice stone. But if you prefer something to stand out, you can choose a more bumpy or uneven look.

While stone and brick exterior may give your home an additional decoration point, you still need to do your research carefully before choosing which type of stones you are going to use. Consider the model, maintenance effort, as well as where you are going to install it. With the right choice of materials, your stone wall will not appear like a sore thumb.

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