30+ Insanely Cool Lazy River Pool Ideas in Home Backyard

By | March 2, 2020

Having a personal swimming pool in your backyard is a luxury, but sometimes it’s not enough. You might just want to be lazy and swim effortlessly by following the water current. If that’s the case, then you’ll need a lazy river pool that is wide enough to stretch around the backyard. Fortunately, these exciting river pool ideas are the perfect choice to start your plan!

But first, what’s a lazy river pool? A lazy river pool is a water pool that isn’t very deep and stretches at a long distance. The water flows at a slow pace, giving you a gently push when swimming or lying on a raft. Although usually found in resorts, hotels, recreation centers, and water parks, it can also be built in a house with a large backyard.

Aside from being a recreational facility, it’s also a valuable asset for your home. Added with great river pool ideas, you’ll eventually create a masterpiece in the backyard.

However, it won’t be cheap at all. Building a swimming pool isn’t cheap in the first place, not to mention building something large like a lazy river pool. Approximately, you’ll have to prepare $500,000 for a pool with 20 metres-length and 3 metres-width. More creative river pool ideas also tend to cost more if you add more facilities to the pool. For example, a gazebo, water fountain, mini golf course and a smaller kiddie pool.

At the very least though, you can reduce the price by using a more affordable material for the pool. Vinyl liners tend to be the most economical material, while fiberglass is on the middle ground. The most expensive material is concrete due to its costly material and extra effort.

Once you have one though, it’ll be a heavenly pool unlike anything else around. As mentioned before, building a lazy river pool adds to the investment value of your house property. Furthermore, it’ll be a heavenly pool that rivals those of luxurious hotels or international parks.

All in all, with an extra bit of creativity from these lazy river pool ideas, you’re in for a big and exciting attraction in the backyard. Sit back and relax on your inflatable balloon seat, or have a ride on your kayak.

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